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Education Standards
New York & Vermont Social Studies Standards

Education Programs Standards

New York Social Studies Standards at Fort William Henry

Information provided during the “Siege of Fort William Henry” program can help teachers address many of the New York Social Studies Standards such as:

1) History of the United States and New York - Elementary
  1. Students “compare the characters and events described in historical fiction with primary sources such as historic sites themselves in order to judge the historical accuracy and determine the variety of perspectives included in the story.”
  4. Students should be able to “weigh the importance, reliability and validity of evidence. Students should be able to “consider the different interpretation of events and/or issues in history and understand the differences in these accounts.”
1) History of the United States and New York - Intermediate
  4. Students should be able to “explain the significance of historical evidence, be able to understand the concept of multiple causation.” View historic events through the eyes of those who were there using art, music and artifacts.
#3 Geography
  2. Students should be able to “ask geographic questions about where places are located; why they are located where they are; what is important about the locations; and how their locations are related to the location of other places”

Vermont Learning Standards

The Vermont Social Studies Standards addressed in this program include:

Analyzing Knowledge - #6.3 – “Students analyze knowledge as a collection of selected facts and interpretations based on a particular historical or social setting: and demonstrate their mastery by being able to “analyze interpretation of events from the perspectives of various groups, and evaluation the credibility of differing accounts.

Geographical Knowledge-#6.7 – “Students use geographical knowledge and images of various places to understand the present, communicate historical interpretations, develop solutions for problems and plan for the future, demonstrate their mastery of being able to identify, research and interperate geography influences historical and contemporary events.

Nature of Conflict - #6.20 – Students analyze the nature of conflicts, how they have been or might be resolved, and how some have shaped the division at various times of their local community, Vermont the United States and world. Students demonstrate their mastery by being able to “identify and analyze specific conflicts (i.e. classroom, local, national, international) considering the conditions, motivations and actions that led to them and how they could have been resolved differently.

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